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We all work really hard to make sure that our website serves it's purpose.  The content we put on our website is crucial to our success.

Spotlight on Your Business is focused on making sure that our followers have the best tools and resources available to them.  Since we are very clear on our mission, we do not choose to be the "Jack. (or Jill) of all trades.  Therefore, we work very closely with experts who truly "know their stuff" and often offer their courses, blogs and content for your benefit.

The following Blog was written by Abby M. Herman of Write Solutions


Top Website Content Tips

No matter what your business, you need a website today. It’s the best way to market to the masses—all over the world. And with more and more online-based businesses, the market is getting crowded. Your website needs to look professional and, even more important, read professionally.

But writing website content takes a special talent, because it’s like nothing you’ve ever written before. Website content shouldn’t read like a book, or even like a blog article. It should read like the sales and marketing tool that it is.

If you’re an online business, your website is essentially your storefront. You want it to be neat and clean. Your signage needs to be correct. You want people to get a sense of who you are when they visit. And you need to display your most valuable products and services where people will find it. It all comes down to building a quality website that provides valuable information that your visitors can navigate.

Think About Content First

Slick, flashy website designs can distract even the most savvy business owners, but content is where the real money’s at. When you think “content” before developing the website design, you save time and money by only developing the pages you actually need on your site. You also give your website developer a much better snapshot of your business, allowing the developer to design the site around your brand and your voice. It’s a win-win. Make a list of must-have content on your site before you meet with your website designer. Find out which five pages you must have and, when in doubt, hire a professional content writer to consult with you or write the content for you.

Keep It Clean

It’s tempting to cram as much information as you can on your website. After all, you’re paying a developer by the page. But too many sidebar graphics, images, links, lists and plug-ins slow down the site and confuse your visitors. Keep your website fresh and clean, using white space to draw the reader where you want them to look. And if you find that you have too much to say on one page, consider a way to split it into two pages.

Use Your About Page

Most businesses have gone global, thanks to the Internet, but we still want to know who we’re buying from. Your website should have an About page, where you introduce yourself and your story. No one wants to read your life story or read your resume on your site, but they do want to know a bit about how your business started, why you started it and some interesting information about you. It doesn’t hurt to include a few photos of you, doing what you do.

Contact Info is a Must

If you’re an online business, customers aren’t coming to visit you in a storefront. But they do need to contact you. Every page should include your phone number and social links in the banner. Also include a Contact page, where you include this information again as well as a mailing address (if applicable) and your email address.

No matter how big or small your website is when you start, having original and engaging content on your site is a must. Your audience is looking for you and your products or services. Give yourself a voice online with a professional website with content that not only tells them who you and your business are, but that also allows them to find you.

Abby has written an excellent training course for those who simply want to have excellent content on their site:  You can access it by clicking here.

DIY Website Content

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