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Beautiful!  Industry- Standard


Now you can quickly and easily create beautiful books right in Microsoft Word!
Built to industry-standard specifications, our template styles will make your book stand out, without all of those newbie mistakes. Handcrafted by an award-winning book designer.

Because we at Your Business in the Spotlight work with authors, we see an issue that repeatedly cause meltdowns in the self publishing process.

 How many late night emails/phone calls/facebook messages...each with the same story.  The book came back in a mess.  The many versions of Microsoft Word...Google Docs, In Design, not to speak of the world of its own issues for Mac users, don't sync with our editors, formatters, etc.  

Working with authors and aspiring authors, we know the stresses that can arise centered around getting your book properly formatted.  There are so many variables.  You are down to the last few weeks before your book launch, and there is simply WAY too much to do to have to be stressed and worried with formatting.

Can you use a fiverr person to format your book?  Certainly and often successfully.  But often there are extenuating circumstances...lots of pictures, know the drill.

Well we have spoken with many authors.  We teach many aspiring authors in our Journey to Authorship Group Training Class...and it IS a recurring issue with about as many opinions as Carter has pills.

After a remarkable amount of research we found something that is not only priced reasonably, but is simple to use and basically stress free.

Introducing Joel Friedlander of Book Design Templates



Joel has the knowledge, the experience and the wisdom to know the issues we face.  It does not matter if we are already an author working on our next book, a new aspiring author, or someone who is offering our services to assist authors reach an entirely new level of success.

Joel knows the ropes and is a huge step ahead.  Therefore, here at Spotlight On Your Business choose to share what we have discovered...this is so good it would be hugely unwise to try to reinvent the wheel.  Click here to visit Book Design Templates.   Joel has a great variety of Templates for fiction and non fiction books and accommodates for the graphics, images and other issues that can often leave us with nightmares.

Look at what others who have used his templates have to say!

T16Joel Friedlander  has template tools that are easy to use, beautiful and so affordable. Content creators drop their Word files into one of the templates, follow the easy-to-use guide and then export out both print (PDFs) and eBook (Epub) formats. Users can take those files, upload them into IngramSpark and they work like magic.”
̶ Robin Cutler, Manager, IngramSpark
T1“Genius! These templates are pure genius! In less than one hour, I had a great looking title page, customized copyright page, author back page, and three chapters of a novel LOOKING GREAT! Drop caps – wonderful. 6×9 spacing with running heads – great. Automatic odd page start of chapter – fantastic! There is so much built into your template, why would anybody want anything different? These templates are wonderful!”
̶ Michele Gibson,
T2“It’s easy to make a good looking e-book these days—the internet is filled with instructions, tips and advice for those who want to try it themselves. But creating a professional interior for your POD paperback is still somewhat of a black hole for the average self-publisher. Joel’s templates will bridge the gap between the self-publisher’s budget and a professional book design. I can’t wait to try it out on one of my own titles.”
̶ Catherine Ryan Howard,
T3“Joel Friedlander’s Book Design Templates take the mystery out of formatting attractive, easy-to-read print-on-demand books. No detail has been overlooked from fonts and design options to detailed instructions ̶ in offering a complete solution.”
̶ Roger C. Parker,


T5“Joel provides best-in-class instruction and tools for independent authors.”
̶ Jane Friedman,



T7“Here’s hoping that one day soon all self-published books will at least look as good as some of the book templates Friedlander’s new design service has to offer.”
-Mick Rooney,


T8“I teach “Successful Self-Publishing” at a community college, and Joel Friedlander has made one entire section of my class obsolete. I no longer have to teach the students how to format their manuscripts for paper or e-books and keep up with changing technology. I wish these templates had been available for the first three novels of my Vigilante Quartet. Thank you, Joel!”
̶ Carol Buchanan, Author & Instructor

T9“I may have been one of the first ten indie author/publishers to download one of these templates, as their release was exactly what I needed to get me unstuck. What I was missing in my quest to convert (my book) to print, were the basic design elements that would make the book shine. BookDesignTemplates provided that starting point: page layout, unique title page, custom headers/footers for numbering, drop cap and titles for the first page of each chapter, a font that worked for my book, etc. Thank you for getting me unstuck!”
-Rosie McGee,
T10"As director of a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with endless responsibilities, I needed the most professional, practical, economical, reliable, straightforward, and speedy way to publish Walk by Faith Ministry's Christian books. The Lord provided! Joel Friedlander's and Tracy Atkins' template not only answered all of my needs and is extraordinarily simple to use, but has the added bonus of enabling my ministry to publish future works at no additional cost through the multi-book license. I truly thank God for such a phenomenal blessing!"
-Lara Love, Walk by Faith Ministry,

T11"Book Design Templates was exactly the boost I needed to expand my successful ebook business into a print book venture. My template was easy to download, easy to use, and when I had questions that went beyond the purchased design, Book Design Templates responded very promptly and with personalized attention. I've already recommended this resource to dozens of writer colleagues!"
-Mindy Klasky,

T12"Publishing is a monster. Make the right choices. It’s not easy. Book Design Templates is not afraid to meet this challenge. If you want to be taken care of and still feel like your ultimate vision matters, this is the best group to work with. They know how to nurture a dialogue with their customers to feel like the best choice is the one you actually chose."
-Raven Moore,

T13"A huge but subtle benefit of the template is seeing the words as book. No more meandering. No more flabby thinking. It has a distinctly bracing effect on the editing."
-Tom Coffman, Author



T14"Publishing can have the ability of making one feel like a genius or raving lunatic all at the same time, atlast when our company stumbled across Book Design Templates, it made a world of difference. Book Design Templates is not only affordable for our small publishing company, but they are also quick and efficient. Not to mention, the cutting edge designs available are stellar. Thanks for being just what my small business needed and for that we look a little more genius these days!"
-Katrina Gurl,

Click here to visit Book Design Templates.