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Stumped on what to give away as a free offer for your book or podcast?  We put together some ideas to help get those creative juices flowing!

  1. Private Facebook Groups11 free

People love to feel as if they are part of a community, and creating a private facebook group where they can discuss the ideas in your book is the perfect bonus.

  1. Audio Version

Give readers other options for consuming your book.  They can listen on the go, or while their eyes and hands are otherwise occupied.

  1. Other Versions (Kindle, Nook, PDF)

People love to read in a variety of places and times. By giving them options other than the hard cover or audio, you are encouraging them to get more out of your book.  And the more they enjoy it, the more likely they are to encourage friends to read it.

  1. Video Training

Virtually every non-fiction book can be enhanced by a complimentary video training course. Use it to dig deeper into the ideas presented in the book, or to offer related ideas (perhaps even a teaser for a future book.)

  1. Membership Site

Do you currently run a paid membership site?  Offer a trial for buyers of your book.  This is a fantastic incentive to offer your own mailing list, but not only that, it will likely get new faces into your membership as well.

  1. Private Online Event

Gather a group of experts and host a special, private telesummit only for book buyers.  The added value will greatly improve their enjoyment of your book.

  1. Live Ticket Events

Are you hosting a live event?  Give tickets as a bonus for your book.  The high perceived value will help your conversion rates, plus you will have the added benefit of getting more bodies in the door during your event.

  1. Group coaching or Mastermind Sessions

No matter what your book’s topic is, your readers will appreciate a little personal attention from you in a group coaching or mastermind call.  Because you might ordinarily charge $150 or more for a single call, readers will see the true value and rush to take you up on this generous bonus offer.

  1. Downloadable Product

If you are an information product seller, this one is a no brainer and will cost you next to nothing, but will be incredibly valuable to your readers.

  1. Discounts on Courses

Do you teach online (or even offline) courses?  Consider giving early buyers a coupon for a generous discount.  25 - 50% off a valuable course is a powerful incentive.

  1. Personal Notes/WorkSheets/Checklists/Mindmaps

Anything that can help your readers get more out of the book is a great bonus, and your personal notes and worksheets are even more meaningful because they are yours.

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