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 Becky Norwood

Natalie McQueen

It all started here...

I smile as I say that. Indeed it all started after the collapse of our economy in 2008.  After twenty years as a single mom, I'd just married my awesome husband Mark, (blending five adult kids, and now 13 grandchildren), and was running a saw blade sharpening business that I had run the entire time I raised my two beautiful daughters on my own.

Mark and I had just married, bought a gorgeous home and moved the location of my saw sharpening company, when the economy went crazy.  In short order, we lost my business, and our home, and I was scrambling to figure out what I wanted to do when I "grew up."

I started researching what was working for other entrepreneurial type businesses, actually, business in general, and discovered a world that was totally different.

Welcome to the digital world and the world of online marketing!  I attended courses offered my Mike Koenigs in San Diego, CA.  

Mike was (and continues) to teach cutting edge marketing that works for business.  Taking advantage of social media and other marketing tactics, he taught tactics that can make a business soar.

At one of his classes he taught using authorship to establish expertise and grow business.  

Having, since the age of eight, been an entrepreneur, (I've never worked for anyone in my entire life), this caught my attention and resonated with me.

Little did I know that one course would change the course of my life and how I would serve the world!

As Mike taught, I named my own first book, (The Woman I Love), and though it took me some five years to publish, it did not mean I stopped learning and applying what I have learned to help other authors bring their words, stories, and expertise to the world.

Fast forward to 2019 and my team and I have now brought over 200 authors to #1 bestseller!  What a constant world of learning and growing. What amazing people I have met!  

When I am not serving my clients, Mark and I enjoy our kids and grandkids, crafts, and spending my time traveling and camping in the great outdoors. 

Natalie McQueen is the Director of Marketing and Sales at Spotlight On Your Business.  Natalie helps author’s envision and create a path where they can showcase their expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming an author and using that book as their calling card to grow their business.  

When Natalie is not dreaming big with authors, she is enjoying dates nights with her amazing husband Steve of 27 years!  They love to travel together and spend time as a family.  They have two daughters, Taylor & Kayla who love to keep their parents thinking young and playing hard especially at Dave Matthew’s Concerts!  Natalie loves having everyone home from college including her daughter’s dogs (Sam & Bear), bunny (Willow) and bird (Jody)!  When everyone is together is it a little like a circus, but with so many laughs and good times together!

Natalie has a background in finance, sales, marketing, and has trained with mindset development from leaders such as Darren Hardy, Jim Rohn, Jack Canfield, Eric Worre, Chris Widener, David Byrd, Tony Robbins, Tim Ferriss, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy and many more.  

Natalie is an expert in the area of understanding what a new author goes through when deciding to step out of their comfort zone and write a book.  

Natalie helps authors to see the bigger picture and purpose of their book.  By getting authors to dream bigger, mind-mapping all possibilities and helping them change their mindset to one that is ready for success, and ready to take their book to the world.  The author's success comes by learning to use the right combination of marketing strategies and tools that will keep their book selling long after it has published. 

Natalie also has a passion to work with Non-Profits and show them a way they can implement Book Publishing to create a consistent Fundraising Revenue Stream. Spotlight Publishing believes in giving back and has special discounts and pricing for Non-Profits.  

What makes Spotlight Publishing stand out as different, is that they start with your end goal in mind. Marketing should begin the moment you put pen to paper to craft the words that impact lives.

Natalie & Becky take your book very seriously.  They know you have spent many months, or even years to create your dream and they want to see it published exactly to meet your goals and expectations.

The Team at Spotlight Publishing will partner with you guiding you through every step.  We believe in serving our clients with excellence, and giving you VIP treatment that you and your book deserve.

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