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About Us | Vision | Mission

Our Vision is to take authors from the beginning moments of putting pen to paper, to become best selling authors who bring value and heart to our world and then treat their book as a business.

Our Mission is to not only publish books that transform the lives of our authors and their readers.  We also are passionate about helping our authors build a business around their book, and staying in the Spotlight.     

Our staff Values quality, integrity, kindness, and courteous communication.  We believe in listening to our clients and exceeding their expectations.

Becky NorwoodMy mission is to inspire, inform, and transform our world by guiding others to tell their stories of transformation, courage and success.

It is also to show people how to showcase their expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming an author and using that book as their calling card to grow their business.

This can be transformation in their personal lives or transformation for their business.  These stories can be used to showcase the WHY behind the business they now have, the business they wish to build or the legacy they wish to leave.

My personal perspective is that there is not one of us alive on this planet that does not have a story to tell.  And if, in the telling of that story, it makes an impact or a difference for only one person, then we have accomplished much.

I myself have a book that is almost complete telling my own story of courage and transformation.  I have already named the book, purchased a domain name for it...and so it will be. It is called "The Woman I Love" (myself) and because of its' emotional content, I will be "speaking" this book into existence.

At this moment in time, I have written one book, coauthored two books that are now Best Selling, and am in the process of writing a series of books on not only how to be an author...but how to be a successful author, using some of the best tools available for gaining exposure to our book(s).

My own journey to becoming an author is what has inspired me to teach the course I now teach called: "Journey to Authorship."  After taking many classes on book writing, how to be a successful author, etc., I found a lot of gaps in the education process.

I belong to several author communities and see a common thread...overwhelm.  How does one keep their works of heart out of the cobwebs of cyberspace and how to utilize the plethora of marketing tools that are available to us in this remarkable digital age, and WHERE to find quality training and services...without breaking the bank.

I have helped several of my clients become #1 International and National Best Selling Authors...and learned in the process that there is far more to getting our message heard than initially meets the eye...and the mind.  I have also learned that I do not have to be the expert in all of those wonderful methods...and that is the WHY behind this website.

There are a whole lot of tools to use, but which is for you?  Are you a do it yourself type?  Either because you need to be financially or because that is your nature?  If so, I have researched and and received training on may of the the products I recommend.  This is great training on HOW to do things such as podcasting, creating videos, conducting a webinar...the list goes on.

If you are not of the nature to do it all yourself...then the smart thing to do is to outsource it.  I have pulled together a collection of really great Done for You Services.  These are offered by people who have a specialty, such as creating awesome websites, creating amazing content for your social media, blogs, emails and website, quality SEO, and so much more.

My very brief personal story is that I have been an entrepreneur since the tender age of 8 years old.  I have owned a number of businesses.  My first very brief marriage produced two beautiful daughters who are the light of my world.  I was then a single mom for 20 years.  My husband Mark, the most amazing and loving man I could have ever asked for and I have been married for 8 years now...and together we have a sweet blended family of 5 adult children and 8 grandchildren...and I am very happy! is to YOUR success and the joy of sharing your message and leaving YOUR legacy in this big busy wonderful world we live in!

Think about this:  What do authors such as Napoleon Hill, Norman Vincent Peale, Wayne Dyer and more, have in common?  They have long since left our world, yet every day their words impact others lives for the good.

What is YOUR story?  Will you share your light with the world?

Natalie McQueen is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Spotlight On Your Business.  Natalie helps create a path where people can showcase their expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming an author and using that book as their calling card to grow their business.  Natalie & Becky excel in bringing author's to #1 Best Seller internationally.  They have marketing tools and techniques to bring your book to the worldwide market.

Natalie is a Personal Development Junkie who loves to help people to dream again, change mindsets to one that is ready for success and have confidence in taking their book to the world.  Having a background in finance, sales, marketing, coaching, and mindset development has made Natalie an expert in the area of understanding what a new author goes through when deciding to step out of their comfort zone.  Natalie also has a passion to work with Non-Profits and show them a way they can implement Book Publishing to a way to have a consistent Fundraising Revenue.  Spotlight On Your Business believes in giving back and has special discounts and pricing for Non-Profits.

What makes Spotlight Publishing stand out as different from many of the rest is that they start with your end goal in mind. Marketing should begin the moment you put pen to paper to craft the words that impact lives. Each chapter should weave the potential for a future public speaking engagement, serve as fuel for many blog and social media posts, and even be the seed source for a course that can be what takes readers into more depth of understanding of the topic.

Natalie & Becky take your book very seriously.  They know you have spent many days, months or even years to create your dream and want to see it published. The Team at Spotlight On Your Business will partner with you guiding you through every step.  They use only top-notch design and editing services.  They have innovative promotional campaigns and platforms to allow you to announce and let your supporters share your book launch.   Spotlight On Your Business offers excellence of service to our clients and you will receive VIP treatment that your book deserves.