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Published Authors

"I Didn't Know What to Say"

Nobody really wants to experience loss, pain, heartache, disappointment, grief or mourning, whether it’s personal or someone else’s experience.
Commonly the dominant method of dealing with grief and loss of others is avoidance. The default ways of coping with grief or consoling the griever tend to be to change the subject, stuff it down, explain it away in an attempt to prevent grief’s symptoms, or try to get away from it quickly. Grief feels uncomfortable, so sidestepping is our first reaction and then perhaps the offer of trite condolences at best, or worse something thoughtless and unintentionally damaging.
  www.GriefReliefMinistries.com  Get Your Copy Today!


David Knapp

"Stop Being Invisible"

Stop Being Invisible - Overcoming Communication Barriers comes to us from Dr. William Lane, a global educational consultant. He has spent over 35 years providing educational services, first working in public education as an elementary, middle and high school teacher and school administrator; and then later as a university professor and department chair of special education programs. He has dedicated his life’s work to educating students and improving their opportunities for success in life. Having experienced firsthand the pain of missed opportunities that were a direct result of his limited ability to communicate effectively from childhood until well into adulthood, his passion about this subject shines through as he very effectively communicates in this book how to improve not only the quality of your communications with others, but also your resulting experiences in life. Get Your Copy Today!

Stop Being Invisible- Overcoming Communication Barriers

Dr. William Lane

"Speak With Confidence - Sell With Authority"

A favorite among entrepreneurs, Speak with Confidence, Sell with Authority is a book for those who both hate and love sales. With over 30 years experience, Jane M Powers uses her straightforward, big-hearted style to guide thousands in transforming their message to money from any platform, with her “Speak to Profit” Formula. After decades of successful speaking, coaching, and perhaps most of all, her real-life experience founding and running multi-million dollar businesses, Jane appreciates that success is truly about the power of your message.  Learn to speak with confidence and sell with authority from any platform, whether it is video, podcasts, the big stage, webinars, or networking events. Turn your message to money with big impact and generate big income, whether it is an audience of 1 or 1,000 for 7 seconds or 7 hours. Deliver a powerful, heartfelt, influential message in just 17.5 seconds that will have the audience sit up and pay attention like never before. Learn to influence others and mobilize your ideal clients to take action with a simple formula.

Get Your Copy Today!

Jane M Powers

"Wake The Fork Up!"

Are you tired of reading the same old stuff when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off? Bored with the same old celebrities selling you programs they don’t even really use but instead are paid millions of dollars to endorse? Wondering why what used to work for you no longer does the trick any more? So were we! This book doesn’t have any of the same old “usual suspects”, half truths and flat out lies when it comes to safe and effective weight loss. Kinesiologist and Fat-Burning Guru, Gary Watson, takes us on a journey that explores weight loss in a completely different direction. www.waketheforkup.com   You can find his book at: Get Your Copy Today!

Gary Watson

Gary Watson

The B.S. Years (Before School)

JoAnne Dillery (Becky's favorite Auntie!) is the author of The B.S. Years (Before School) - Setting The Stage for School Success.  A retired school teacher whose students still remain in touch with her over 50 years after she had them in her classroom shares her thoughts on teaching children well before they enter school.  Get Your Copy Today!  Check out her companion journal book as well!  A Daily Journal for Baby and Us

JoAnne Dillery

"Online Marketing Secrets for Local Businesses"

Learn how to get your marketing message into the pocket of your customer using the hottest mobile technologies to build your online presence. 5 reasons to start using online marketing, 4 things your marketing plan must have, how to convert website visitors to buyers and social media and direct response marketing strategies.  Get Your Copy Today!

Judy Carrico

"Instinctive Leadership"

Nikki L. Kagan is a unique, experienced, and passionate facilitator who breathes and lives people's inner development both as leaders and as human beings. Her ability to build strong, trusting and lasting relationships with colleagues, customers and people in general, combined with the relationships she has forged with her horses, has led to a powerfully effective methodology speaks internationally on the subject of leadership.  Get Your Copy Today!

Nikki Kagan

"When Death Comes Knocking For Your Patients"

As a nurse or palliative caregiver, do you want to take better care of terminally ill patients, their loved ones, and yourself? Would you like to be empowered under difficult circumstances and feel more comfortable about what to say when providing palliative care?
Based on thirty years of experience as an oncology nurse, Meina Dubetz shares real-life stories that will enable you as a nurse or palliative caregiver to fully support your patients facing death. Reading these stories, you will learn how to say the right things and reassure your patients’ loved ones that providing quality care and comfort is your priority.  Get Your Copy Today!

Meina J Dubetz

Meina J. Dubetz, RN

"Color Your Stress Away"

Journal to Relaxation is a step-by-step guide to de-stress your busy life, by incorporating positive thinking exercises, short coloring mandalas and 2-5 minute meditations.

  Get Your Copy Today!

Sonja Basler

"Gardener's Gratitude Journal"

Part diary, part personal growing guide, this is an awesome three year journal.

  Get Your Copy Today!

Donna Balzer

"The Life Story of Theodore C. Ted Kraver"

Ted Kraver's remarkable life story traces the transformation of technology and education in Arizona through the personal history of an innovative engineer and civic entrepreneur. Ted began life in the small farm village of Medina, Ohio where he built his first model airplanes that would become his lifetime hobby and inspire his higher education and career. 
Having earned a bachelor's and a master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from MIT, as well as an MBA from UCLA, Ted eventually finished his PhD in Aerospace Engineering in 1995 from Arizona State University.  Get Your Copy Today!

Ted Kraver

"Whole Person Happiness"

Is more happiness possible? Can you learn ways to create more joy in life? Can there be work life balance? Yes, yes, and YES! Everyone can be happier and live a more balanced, full life. Learn the science behind happiness in this practical and easy-to-read book. What researchers have been studying and have tested in laboratories over decades is now all right here for you! Whole Person Happiness will take you on a journey toward a more fulfilling life. Learn how small steps lead to big strides, why good enough is VERY good, how a change in mind changes body, and vice versa, and how achieving goals can be automated. Get Your Copy Today!

Paul Krismer

"The Game Changer" vol. 2

I am Iman Aghay and I have been working with entrepreneurs and other successful professionals for the past 16 years. Working as a business mentor, I often get to see the complex interworking of an entrepreneur’s life and have the privilege of hearing about what goes on behind the scenes. It is humbling to learn what it takes for entrepreneurs to realize their achievements. The Game Changer Book Series is a collection of these behind the scene stories. These are stories that most people never consider behind the scenes of a business or successful company. These stories are personal, connected to the authors’ hearts, and many of them are being shared for the first time with you, our reader. While reading this collection, my reaction was to think about this old adage: “Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about! Be kind, always…”  Get Your Copy Today!

The Game Changer

Iman Aghay

"The Game Changer" vol. 3

This book reveals some of the hardest times and darkest moments that entrepreneurs live through. Their experiences are real and deeply personal. Many of the chapters tell of bad choices and overcoming mistakes. However, all of them share something in common: a turning point—the turning point that changed the author’s life forever. These stories are very dear to each author, and I am honored to be able to share their experiences with you. I hope that each of these stories touches you as deeply as I have been touched.  Iman Aghay is a serial entrepreneur, best selling author and international speaker. He founded Success Road Academy in 2010 which is one of the largest Information Marketing Training Centers in the world. Get Your Copy Today!

Iman Aghay

   Iman Aghay

"Sacred Hearts Rising"

This is a book filled with heartwarming, inspirational true-life stories s that nobody wants to voice out loud but certainly want to read about.
Everyone has a story, and every story has merit, for each story has shaped us into who we are today.
You will undoubtedly find yourself in one or more of the author’s shoes or know someone who has a similar story. You may feel what some of the authors have gone through and understand others and you will discover how they came out the other side: whole and free.

Brenda Hammon

"I Can't Hear The Birds Anymore"

The story tells of her journey on how she views herself through her abusers eyes and not her own and her continued struggle to learn how to trust again and to finally make the decisions that were right for her and not someone else.

The story takes you on an incredible journey of betrayal from a family friend and a family member and the isolation  that engulfed her at a very early age. In an effort to try and find herself she hung onto her version of faith and turned to various forms of help to escape her past. Trying to find some sort of peace from the  memories of the attacks was a heart breaking journey, especially when it was never talked about by anyone. Get Your Copy Today!

Brenda Portwood

"Hear Me - No Longer Silent"

At age five, Brenda learns fast to play, to tackle challenges with determination, and to ride the horses she loves. She also learns that she doesn’t need to be afraid of strangers. Instead harm lurks much closer. 
Brenda’s life changes forever when a hired farm hand and a member of her own family sexually assault her.
These early violations ripple into more anguish—mental, emotional, and physical abuse—that continues as Brenda crawls her way through her youth, fearing members of her own family and never trusting anyone but herself. 
Threatened, afraid and ashamed, Brenda stays silent, her story a terrible secret she can never tell.
Then she meets Alfred. Barely out of high school, with no one else to turn to for help from the demons that haunt her, Brenda marries him, a man who she thinks will protect her and keep her safe. Get Your Copy Today!

Brenda Hammon

"I Am"

With over two decades in the Life insurance industry, Brenda and her husband Bud have built a successful business with includes working with a Life Style Protection Company to provide enhanced coverage’s for clients and help to train other advisors in the industry. During Brenda’s time of struggling to survive her childhood and her first marriage, Brenda focused on her riding as a way to escape from her life and competed on the National Circuit in Dressage in Canada and won numerous awards and accolades in her discipline.
After seeking help, Brenda was no longer running to escape, so she had to redefine her new passion for riding. With her new coach and friend Erika and her new horse Hughie, Brenda is learning once more how to dance to the beat of her own drum.​Get Your Copy Today!

Brenda Hammon

"Roly Poly Riley Poo"

Our pets bring us great enjoyment and Roly Poly Riley Poo, is the story of her sweet, little angel kitty, Riley. His crazy, hilarious antics was a source of daily inspiration, and without him, this book would never have been written. There is a good number of us whose pets are so much a part of our families, and we know you will enjoy and relate to this little story of the light and sunshine Riley brought to the lives of his family. Kids of all ages will enjoy reading this delightful book, even though it was meant as a children's book. We hope you find enjoyment in both the story and the graphics. Get Your Copy Today!  

Susan Ippolito

Susan Ippolito

"The Adventures of Rizzie Muffin Monster"

Immerse yourselves in The Adventures of Rizzie Muffin Monster on a mission to rescue their furry friends from a hot situation! Fresh from the mind of Rhiannon Smith, this story chronicles Rizzie Muffin Monster and Kitty Baby Man as they take to the sky on a hilarious rescue mission. 
Come along for an epic ride and lose yourself for a little while in their world!

Get Your Copy Today!

Rhiannon Smith

"Great Like You"

Erica Grace has suffered through the challenges of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and related issues since her first birthday. She is rising above this hurdle that affects her daily, while she's fully overcame other obstacles and setbacks.

Because she understands the struggles, she felt a calling to help boys and girls that are struggling with health issues.  In this book Erica shares what she has learned.  Mindset, visualization, and goal setting play a key role in the journey to a healthier life.Get Your Copy Today!  

Erica Grace

Erica Grace

"Let Your Emotional Intelligence Do The Talking"

A cornerstone of Emotional Intelligence is understanding what your emotional triggers are and where they came from, so you can modify or neutralize them. You want to be a good leader and set a good example both at home and at work.
That is why we first focus on self-awareness, digging deeply into who you really are at the core, and finding out how you got that way. That’s all becoming self-aware truly is … getting to know who really are.
Next we explore how to manage your emotions, followed by increasing your social awareness skills, and introducing you to skills for building and maintaining a successful social or business relationship. Get Your Copy Today!

Miguel A. De Jesus

"On The Spectrum Challenges Are a Family Affair"

This book was created after working with many families with children on the spectrum and is designed to offer you a natural, safe, powerful, and very effective way to help calm many of the symptoms of autism as well as the inherited challenges we are born with. I also believe that in order to live in harmony, together, each of us has our own specific challenges we deal with. This book shares with you- the plant extracts to help your personal relationship as parents, and individually, and will also help sibling and each of their challenges - be it anger, fears, sibling rivalry, anxiety, sadness and more. The end goal of this book is to bring you together as a family using simple plant medicine to bring you to your most positive, successful and happy self by living life with joy by bringing you back to emotional/mental balance, creating a family bond and happiness, feeling loving as well as feeling successful and confident.  Get Your Copy Today!

Amy D. Cohen

"Success Leaves Clues"

Do you find yourself up at night, worrying about the future of your job or company? Do you believe you've tried everything in your power to make your business successful, with no results? Do you feel neglected or over-looked, yet ripe for your next opportunity? This book will not only turn your business around, it will change your life. Because when your business is successful, that success trickles down into all other aspects of your personal life. With the tips and strategies I provide, you will be able to achieve your goals and-more importantly-see results.
Life is too short to be constantly struggling to survive. And in this economy, businesses and employees must be especially savvy and resilient in order to attract and keep customers, and continue growing their business. But without knowing the tried-and-true methods that will allow you to consistently hit these targets, you're only treading water as the tide takes you further out to sea. Get Your Copy Today!

Miguel A. De Jesus

"I Survived Pompeii"

These real-life conversations will touch your heart while making you laugh out loud! Rhonda Willford Eberst tells hilarious stories that capture the heart-warming moments and exasperating challenges educators face daily. Eberst turns her funny, entertaining, and often enlightening conversations with kids into adventures in everything from "Surviving the Gig" to "Discovering You Matter." This book reminds librarians, teachers, and school administrators to laugh at their students, even when they might want to cry. Ultimately, this zany, loving librarian demonstrates the real difference that one educator can make in the quality and direction of a child's life by showing each student that she or he matters. Get Your Copy Today!

Rhonda Willford Eberst

"Memoirs of Women In Blue"

This book contains the memoirs of two female detectives from the New York City Police Department, one who resigned after eleven and a half years’ service and the other retired after serving twenty years. These two women have seen much, experienced good as well as evil and faced much opposition from their peers as well as persons in the communities, who did not agree with the standards of policing. These two women come from different socio-cultural backgrounds. They offer you an inside look at what they observed while trying to protect the public. They also dealt with the politics that governed how police officers should act while in the performance of their duty. Furthermore, memoirs expose the reader to the realities faced by female police officers, who, for years have remained silent. Now, the public needs so desperately to interpret the senseless acts of violence that is occurring on an almost daily basis across this country.  Get Your Copy Today!

Mickey See-Asia 


"Win From Within"

​Win from Within: Discovering the Champion Inside, author Rob G. Adams shares his personal journey overcoming cancer at the end of his sophomore year of college. He was 20 years old. Like most at this age, Rob was living the college dream by being away from home, staying up late and attending college parties. Soon, he would be faced with tackling medical treatments and making routine doctor visits due to an unexpected and sudden diagnosis of cancer! Get Your Copy Today!

Rob Adams

"Killing China"

Thank you, you have in your hands one man's adventure with China. I did not travel to China with the goal of writing a book. In China, I was shocked by what I saw. I was planning three trips into China. Two trips of a month each, to get the lay of the land and a final trip to last one year, where I would buckle down to a year-long study of Mandarin Chinese Today I do not feel China will let me return because of what is in my book. China has been able to create a fog that is all Foreigners get to see. Americans have never taken a serious look at China. China was also shocked by me. They have had no contact with American whose ancestors traveled across Asia 50,000 years ago and into the American Continent via the Bering Strait.
Walking into Tibet was just the opposite. I experienced the warm welcome of the Tibetan people. The Tibetan people made me feel loved. They did what I did not expect: I felt like I was back home. I was truly blessed and overtaken by their warmth and gentle kindness. Visiting Tibet was a once in a lifetime experience. They are wonderful people. Get Your Copy Today!

Mike Enriquez

"Confident Public Speaking"

A good idea not shared or understood by others is a shame. A brilliant idea not shared and understood is a tragedy. Public speaking is so much more than the courage to stand in front of a group and talk. For a presentation to be powerful, it must have the right amount of content, organized in a memorable way for both speaker and audience, it must be delivered with power, warmth, and charisma, and it must be spoken in the language of the audience.
How much content is enough? How much is too much? Most public speakers work so hard to give great value to their audiences that they inadvertently make a huge mistake; they include far too much information into far too little time. Time is never a speaker’s friend. Going overtime in a presentation is an egregious error and rude to the nth degree. Get Your Copy Today!

Rosemarie Barnes

"Confident Leadership"

Modern business demands that leaders understand how to motivate, how to lead through involvement, and how to encourage and reward innovative thinking. Given that today’s workforce is comprised of 4 very different generations, each with their own motivational forces at work, a variety of workplace needs, and very demanding workplace expectations, that is no small request. 
Business leaders of the 21st century understand that each of the generations in today’s workforce is motivated by different values. They must know how to tap into the strengths of each of the groups, they must address their responsibility to mentor and create new leaders, and they must bridge the gaps between the generations so the entire group can work together as a successful, cohesive unit.
  Get Your Copy Today!

Rosemarie Barnes

"Confident Reinvention"

Our world is moving at an incredible pace. From miniature recording studios in our pockets to driverless cars to artificial intelligence, the speed with which new discoveries and innovations are occurring is dizzying. Everything is under scrutiny; it can be exciting, and it can be a little frightening. The need to reinvent happens and good or bad, it’s always an adventure. Sometimes we are prepared and have instigated the move to improve. Sometimes it happens to us and not because of us. The truth remains, though, that we are always in control of our reaction to it. We can choose to accept or reject, welcome or renounce, create or prevent. When we are on the receiving end, we call it change. When we are the instigators, we call it reinvention.  Get Your Copy Today!

Rosemarie Barnes

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