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Turn Your Book into a Profitable Business, Attracting Clients in 90 Days or Less!


  • When you published your book, did you expect a continual sales stream and automatic exposure that would build your business and touch people’s lives?
  • Do you want to increase book sales utilizing a simple step by step process that attracts paying clients on a consistent basis?
  • Do you get lost in the tools, marketing skills, and technology required to promote your book and business?


Beyond Authorship’s comprehensive step-by-step course provides you with marketing strategies, tools, and support that will produce substantial client attracting results in 90 days or less.

In this program, you will get access to:

  • 8 Weeks of Video Lessons and Corresponding Workbooks
  • 4 Live Group Calls (will be Recorded)
  • A Private Facebook Group to Assist with Accountability, Coaching Assistance, Support, and Guidance
  • Lifetime Access to the Course and Updates
  • 2 Private Brainstorming and Business Development Call
  • Custom Tailored Marketing and Business Development Manual

You will Discover How to:

  • Position Yourself as the Go-To Expert in Your Field
  • Get Referral Clients from Influential People in Your Industry
  • An Efficient Marketing System to Attract Higher Paying Clients to Your Business
  • Get Booked for Speaking Events, Podcasts, and Media Outlets that Fit Your Topic
  • Strategically Leverage Your Book as a Revenue Producing and Client Attracting Tool
  • Gain Powerful Book Reviews for Increased Exposure

Following is an outline of the material covered in this course:

Module 1:  

The Mindset of a World Class Bestselling Author

Developing the mindset of an Authorpreneur, one who knows the value of their book, and how to use it as a tool for business growth, is imperative to success.  Take a peek into the minds of successful authors, and also learn to implement key mindset tools to propel your success.  

Module 2:

Creating an Impressive, Attention-Getting Introduction and 3 Minute Talk

What do you say when someone asks you, "What do you do?"  Giving a long-winded reply not only leaves the inquiring mind confused, it detracts from your ability to attract clients.  Learn how, in 45 seconds or less, give a reply that has them asking for more.

Module 3: 

How to Get Consistent Sales Through Social Networks

Social networks are here to stay, so how do we learn to effectively tap into them in a way that attracts clients, and does not take ungodly amounts of our precious time?  Learn how to effectively use automation tools and how to navigate the various social media platforms effectively.

Module 4:

Branding for Success

Every business is a brand in and of itself.  What does your brand (your unique area of expertise), say about you.  Are potential clients able to easily recognize you because of the consistent use of your branding?  Is your branding all over the place and inconsistent?  Think Coca Cola, Apple, Pampers, Google, and you immediately know what their branding stands for.

Module 5:

How to Get Your Book Featured on TV, Radio, and Print Magazines

Did you know that reporters are always seeking a good story?  Podcasting and radio show experts are always seeking quality interviewees for their shows.  In this lesson, you will learn how to tap into and pitch your book/product/service in a way that will land you an interview.  Discover how to create a powerful call-to-action that will prompt listeners and readers to take action. 

Module 6:

Using the Power of Video and Podcasting to Sell Thousands of Books

Research shows that video is the lifeblood of business, and it is the go-to resource that individuals will use to learn more about any given subject, including yours.  Google owns YouTube and well-placed video's help search engine rankings and therefore leads to business growth.  Podcasts are highly valuable as well, attracting busy professionals who prefer to listen while commuting, exercising, etc.  

Module 7:

Get Found with Ease With an Optimized Amazon Author Page

You are not going to want to overlook the power of a fully optimized author page.  After Google and YouTube, Amazon is a high ranking search engine.  Potential clients and experts seeking experts for interviews tap into the bio's of authors.  You will  learn how to tap into this valuable resource.

Module 8:

Organizing Successful Book Signing Events

Book signing events can be a huge success or a total waste of time.  Learn how to organize and prepare for a book signing event, from the supplies you must have on hand to the incredible opportunity to speak to a group of potential readers and clients.

Module 9:

The Power of Virtual Book Tours

Virtual book tours done correctly can yield incredible results.  There is a lot of legwork to set up a productive virtual book tour, but the impact of the results are often experienced for years to come.  Following our step-by-step system will save hours of frustration and wasted time.

Module 10:

How to Sell Your Other Services | Products | Programs Using Your Book as a Tool

Your book is just that...a tool.  It is, however, a very valuable "foot in the door," business card that becomes your calling card and paves the way for introducing your services, products, and programs.  Your book establishes your expertise and knowledge, essentially doing the legwork necessary for a powerful client attracting conversation. 

Module 11:

How to Get Booked as a Keynote Speaker 

Taking your business to the level it deserves, the next logical step for you to take is to become a keynote speaker at events that are looking for an expert such as you.  Many of us hit the panic button, (similar to how we feel about being seen on video), but applying our system for getting booked and applying the information in our bonus section will have you prepared and confident to be a leader in your field.

Module 12:

Introduction to Course Creation Based on Your Book

Creating a course, that compliments what you teach in your book is the next logical and often most satisfying and lucrative part of your business.  With automation tools, a membership site and the implementation of powerful tools you can duplicate yourself with powerful training courses.

Our Bonuses

Who is this program for?

This program is for published authors ready to invest in a proven marketing system to navigate using their book as a revenue-producing, business building resource.

Who is this Program NOT for?  

This program is NOT for those unwilling to invest their time, energy, and attention towards growing a lucrative business.


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30-Day Money Back Guarantee

I also realize that I have a 30-day money back guarantee which means I can get access to the entire online training, attend the group coaching calls and ask my questions from the support group and if I believed that I’m not getting the value that I expected, upon request within 30 days of this order I will get my money back