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Supporting Author Jana Bommersbach

Jana Bommersbach's latest book is now available on Amazon.  We find this fiction story to be both timely and sadly, hitting too close to home as the reality of sex trafficking is brought to light.  We encourage you to support her in her quest to become a #1 Best Selling Author!


The story of Phoenix investigative reporter Joya Bonner is like most Americans—she knows nothing about the world of sex trafficking; thinks it's a problem reserved for somewhere far off.  Thailand, or even Russia.

But the reality that this is an American problem slaps her in the face when her 15-year-old honorary niece disappears in Phoenix.  And a 13-year-old from her hometown in North Dakota goes missing.  And there's that pitiful dead girl in the vacant lot. As the evidence piles up that these are all part of the sex-slave underworld, Joy's awakening chills her to the bone.

Many of you have supported me in my previous book promotions, like, Funeral Hotdish, Cattle Kate, A Squirrel’s Story, The Trunk Murderess: Winnie Ruth Judd, and Bones in the Desert.

thegirlinthevacantlot will be released on Amazon on May 16, 2018, and I am seeking your support to share with your social media and your email base.

There is an amazing platform that will make it easy for you to share this launch, and I will send it to you before launch day.

I truly appreciate your amazing support for my book and my efforts to make it a #1 bestseller.  It will be available as both a Kindle and in print.

I will also be holding a book signing party at Changing Hands Book Store at 300 W. Camelback Rd. on Wednesday, May 16th at 7 p.m.