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What is Your Story? 

Why is Your Story Important?

So many books are being published today with the world of self-publishing giving so many more people a chance to publish their books out to the world. 

So many are talking about writing your own story. Not just any old story, but the story of your life, the road map that got you to where you are today.  Indeed, there is not one of us that can get through this life without a story to tell.  It goes with the territory. 

Throughout history, stories have been passed down from generation to generation.  Stories, meant to teach and inspire, stories of difficult times and life lessons.  Us humans relate to stories and we learn from stories.  Storytelling is an art and it seems that the oral telling of stories is getting lost to upcoming generations due to the digital age we live in.  

Yet, storytelling is vital to our lives, which is why there is so much talk about writing our stories.  For some, their story is meant to leave a legacy.  For others, it is to share our own life journey, how it affected us and what we did to overcome.

For most of us, writing our stories can be a scary thought. I mean, why would anyone be interested in hearing our story anyway?

 I am a huge advocate of this personal story writing business because it changed my life.  Having gone through a childhood of sexual, emotional, physical and mental abuse, I clung to the story that was etched into the very fiber of my being.  But I tired of the story, it hung over me like a heavy wet blanket, snuffing out my joy, my purpose and my ability to make a difference for both myself and for the world I live in.  

One day, I was challenged by a very dear friend.  We were attending a conference together on self-publishing.  Of course, throughout the training, we were constantly encouraged to write our stories, or even to write about a subject we were expert at.  Immediately I knew I needed to write my book, and even in that moment, connected with what the name of my book would be.

However, it was the actual sitting down and writing that story, that was, quite simply, far easier to avoid than to accomplish.  It was that amazing friend of mine, Sue Ferriera from Victoria, BC while we walked along the ocean in La Jolla, CA who said, "Becky, how long are you going to hold this in?  When will you write your story?"

I left the conference resolved to actually accomplish what I knew was time to do.  And I did.  As I did, I wept, as I relived the memories of my childhood.  But as I wrote, subtly things began to change for me.  I published my book, The Woman I Love, on my 60th birthday.  

Oh my!  Why did I wait so long?  My book became an international bestseller, and as such, I began to touch lives in totally unexpected ways.  To support my book, I began my website and private Facebook group.  Since then, I started publishing compilation books of women with stories to tell.  To date, fifty women have shared their stories in best-selling books in our "We Choose to Thrive" series.  What I have witnessed from the initial introduction to each of them standing up, speaking up, and sharing their stories, often for the first time, has been some amazing transformations.  Many have gone on to write their own books with the full story of their own journey.  They have become coaches and instructors leading major causes.  Most have found their way and are living happy and productive lives.

These were women that I would have never met any other way.  It started with my own courage to stand up, speak up, and share my story both in the pages of my book and on stage, to where it is today.  

Today, as a book publishing expert, I serve many clients who are sharing their stories of triumph over adversity.  But, it did not stop there.  Now, I serve a full gamut of authors, fiction, kids stories, journals, and people sharing their key areas of expertise.  

Wow, what doors have opened since I chose, I decided to openly share my story to the world.  I could not have in my wildest of dreams imagined this.  

When I think back to the writing and publishing of my own stories, I am struck with how it set me free.  I no longer live that story.  I created a new reality, a new story for myself.  I'm living a life of brilliance and joy.

So what is your story?  Let's start a revolution!  Whoever you are, no matter what your story, there are lives you can change through the telling of your story.

Feel free to reach out to me...better yet, start the conversation below, and let's see where this takes us!

Yes!  I believe in the healing power of story!