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Attention all authors!

Do you have a book pre launch or launch coming up soon?  Have you already published your book, but need to drive more attention and more readers to discover it?

Do you have a product you are releasing and need to drive traffic?

If you’re promoting a book or product – or are about to promote one – you’re going to need to create the most essential book promotion tool: the press release that announces your book.

A press release is the tool that book reviewers and journalists need and expect to receive when it comes to book promotion.

And yet, important as it is, the typical book announcement press release never does what it’s supposed to do. It doesn’t spark reviews, generate news items, secure high-profile author interviews, or attract traffic to your site.

Why? Because most don’t have the right information, they’re written as advertisements instead of news articles, or they don’t use the standard format.

It’s nobody’s fault, really. I mean, how are you supposed to know how to write one . . . or what it should look like . . . or who to send it to, even?

My friend Sandra Beckwith can help.

She has created a short but very detailed e-book that takes you through the process of writing your book’s announcement press release. She goes through the entire process with you, step-by-step.

“Get Your Book in the News: How to Write a Press Release That Announces Your Book” also features a fill-in-the-blanks form you can use,  checklists to keep you on track, and a special bonus section with 11 actual press releases authors have used to announce their fiction and nonfiction books.

And that’s just for starters – learn more and see the list of everything that’s in the book (That’s my affiliate link – I receive a commission on sales but it doesn’t cost you anything more.)

Sandra has beta-tested “Get Your Book in the News”  with authors who are about to introduce their books to the world, and the results are outstanding! What a difference this press release formula makes for authors!

Learn how this e-book can make a difference in your book’s success by reading more about “Get Your Book in the News: How to Write a Press Release That Announces Your Book” now!