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How to Market Your Book with J. Bruce Jones


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how to publish a book

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Here is what you get from this course:

  • General book marketing concepts, his main lessons
  • Ideally book marketing begins the day we start writing our books. This video covers stuff to do before you release your book
  • Amazon marketing, learn to use the most powerful store in the world to promote your book
  • Preparing for your book launch, getting your fans, platform and the market ready.
  • Everyone is trying to get an Amazon category best seller, Video 5 covers how.
  • When you get right into marketing having a media kit becomes very useful. This video walks you through what you need.
  •  Your book is launched and on its way but the marketing doesn’t really ever stop. In Video 7 I talk about what you can do on an ongoing basis.
  •  And finally we cover off-line marketing. Not everything is the web, this video covers things you can outside of the web.

Bonus Videos

A big part of my book marketing is building a home on the web where everything can be directed. Your fans can learn more about you, Google can find you, your connections to Amazon and your social media. A great way to do this is build an author/book blog or website. In two videos I show you how to build a book blog.

Bonus Books

Book Marketing Checklist. I break it down to steps for each of the different tasks.

Book Marketing Action Plan, this document gives you an outline for 3 different levels that you can work at for marketing your book. They go from simple and free to a full on book launch.

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