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Journey To Authorship

Welcome to our Free Give Away Module for Journey to Authorship.  Most people feel they have a book inside of them, but do not know the steps to get it out.  There are many reasons to become an author and many ways you can use your book.  One of those reasons to become an author is to showcase a individual or business' expertise and knowledge by publishing a book, becoming an author and using that book as their calling card to grow their business.  We see more and more small business owners seeing value of publishing. 


When you decide to write a book it is very important that you work with a publisher that can guide you through the steps from the moment you put pen to paper all the way to the #1 Best Seller Book Launch.  Often we hear from authors that attempted to publish themselves, and the end result is that they have a book - but no sales and no one really knows or cares about your book!  This is so sad for Spotlight Publishing to hear, because we know the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into writing a book.  To have no attention on your book or no effect on your business is a tragedy for both the author, business and the potential book buyers!  Having the right tools and systems can make such a difference.  We want to share some of those tools with you, so you can feel like you have a good solid start to a successfully published book.

12 week Journey

"There are endless opportunities if you just step outside of yourself for just a little bit."  Barbara Van Dahlen

Have You Been Told That Using Authorship to Showcase Your Expertise is...

THE THING to do?

Yes!  It is a Great Tool to Use if you want to:Your Why

But...Where Do You Start?

How do You Get This Done?

Truly, the entire thought of this can seem very overwhelming!

Especially if you are NOT a writer!

If you are a writer, are you a marketer?

The Good News is:

The Journey to Authorship is essentially a Mastermind Class

that contains


Our Main Emphasis is on Beginning Your Marketing

from the START!  


You simply CANNOT expect the results you desire if you have failed to implement key marketing strategies from the very beginning!  We encourage you to begin BLOGGING your book in the early stages.  We suggest building your presence in social media.  We stress building your list...and communicating with that list...get them excited and following you!


"The Money is in the List...

but the

FORTUNE is in the Follow Up!"

This is a 12 week group course that will take you on a Journey to Authorship.   The power and the beauty behind it is the support that comes from collaborating and brainstorming as a group.  This program has been created on behalf of so many we have met who want to write a book to use as a tool to grow their business, establish expertise in their niche or field and gain exposure, yet do not know where to start and cannot afford the high prices associated with hiring the process to be done for them.

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Our Vision

Our vision is that with our collective knowledge and experience, we can create a win/win situation for participants in our Journey to Authorship live interactive group training program.

This Mastermind Course comes with

(3) one to one, one hour private sessions!

  • We will be recording each and every training session so that if you do miss a session, you will be able to listen to the training at your own time and convenience, or re listen for review.
  • The training is hosted on our membership site.  It is full of worksheets and assignments to help you understand and digest the full scope of your endeavor.
  • We have Facebook group page, so that members can ask questions, brainstorm ideas, and build support.  This page is supported by experts in the "KNOW"!
  • Throughout the course, we host interviews with best selling authors.  They are from many different backgrounds and walks of life, and share a wealth of knowledge.  You will gain much from these interviews as they open up your world of possibilities.
  • Please know that this is a training class.  There will be many steps in this journey, by the end of which, you will have a thorough understanding of successfully writing and marketing your book.
  • As such, there are additional expenses (not mandatory) not included in the cost of the class:  Book editing, book cover design, graphics, ghost writers, content writers, websites, social media set up...the list goes on will need to be considered.  Much can be outsourced, and we do have virtual assistants that we can refer for you.



I’ve really enjoyed being a part of Journey to Authorship. The topics Becky covers, the weekly calls, and all the tips and tricks I’ve learned have helped me move forward faster, held me accountable to do what I say I’m going to do, and enabled me to avoid making mistakes and wasting time re-doing something. The weekly calls are really good and I love being able to learn from the others in the class. Journey To Authorship is a great class for anyone who wants to be an author, or even established authors. The course takes you from A to Z in writing your book and creating a sustainable business around your book’s topic. For those who already have written a book, the course is a great way to go back and do an update for your book, therefore, adding additional value to your readers, clients and followers.


JoAnne Dillery is the Author of "The BS Years (before school), Setting the Stage for School Success" I cannot say enough about the encouragement and training I have received from Becky Norwood. I did things backward- wrote my book and then took her class. While it would have been better to do it the other way around, the help, support and exposure to a whole new world has been amazing. By exposure to a whole new world I mean I had zippo experience in Social Media-seriously, no clue what any of it meant. Not living under a rock, just no use for it other than snooping as to what friends on Face Book were doing. I seldom responded to any thing. Then, I took Becky's class and she helped me see the number of opportunities Social Media could give me and learn about more opportunities for success. She is dedicated, patient and so very smart in her approach. She finds out where a student is on the Social Media learning scale and moves us along at a pace that is right for us. My progress may be related to that of a snail, but I am learning and I am grateful.


Gary Watson is the Author of "Wake the Fork Up: How to Lose 10,15 Even 20 Pounds of Fat in 30 Days or Less"After 25 years of being a leader in my industry, I knew it was time to share my message with the world. Yet, like all things worthwhile in life, a comprehensive strategy of aligning myself up with the right team was crucial to getting my book out there in the most efficient and effective manner. Through an exhaustive search, my path lead me to Becky Norwood. After one consultation, I knew she was the right fit for me. Not only did we accomplish our goals, we exceeded them. My book became a #1 Bestseller in 3 Different categories and I have been featured on FOX, CBS, NBC and ABC. This all was made possible because of the leadership, direction and professional approach I received while collaborating with Becky and her team. Through a shared vision of excellence, we changed my life forever. Thank you Becky!


David Knapp is the Author of "I Didn't Know What to Say: Being a Better Friend to Those Who Experience Loss" www.GriefReliefMinistries.comMy journey towards authorship began over two years ago. Following the death of my second wife, I felt compelled to not ‘hoard my lessons.’ Writing a book seemed like the way to do that. Then, I had the joy of connecting with Becky Norwood at that time. We discussed my vision of putting into print the things I had learned through my experiences of loss. Much to my relief and the amazement of friends and colleagues, Becky had a plan and the knowledge to get my material before the public in the form of a book. While I wrote, Becky was busy putting the current behind-the-scene tools in place. She coached me on how to use them in today’s ever-changing publishing market. Thanks to hard work and our combined efforts, I can proudly say that my book reached the Amazon ranking of “Best Seller” the first day of its pre-launch in three categories. This would never have happened had I simply read how-to manuals and pursued all the various mediums on my own. I highly recommend her services and know you will not be disappointed with her expertise and customer service. David Knapp Author, I DIDN’T KNOW WHAT TO SAY


Lowell Rex www.EpicBusinessCoach.comFirst, Becky coached me to get crystal clear about my "Avatar" specifically. Her course brings the added power of spaced repetition. She re-inforces the stepping stones along the journey, to avoid the potholes to actual published author.





Following is our course outline:


Week 7: Calls to Action

  • Build Bonuses for each chapter
  • Implement onto website for linking purposes
  • Set Up Book Selling Page
  • Set Up Media Page
  • Send announcements to friends/family/list

Week 8:  Video  & Podcasting

  • Power of Video
  • Types of Videos | Video Share Sites | Slide Share Sites
  • Creating Videos (how to)
  • Power of Podcasting
  • Creating Podcast Channels
  • Guest Interviewing

Week 9: Amazon Set Up

  • Amazon Account
  • Amazon KDP
  • Author Central
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Category Selection
  • Preparation for PreLaunch
  • Set Up for IBooks and Smashwords

Week 10: Press Releases | Media | Virtual Book Tours

  • How to do a Press Release
  • Capitalize on Media
  • Virtual Book Tours
  • Guest Blogging

Week 11:  Pre Launch Preparation

  • Book to Editor
  • Book to Formatter
  • 5 Tricks for Positioning Yourself on Amazon
  • Markets outside of Amazon that add $$ to your bank account
  • Category Research
  • Determine Book Pricing

Week 12: Pre Launch and Launch Tactics & Create Space

  • Final Category Research
  • Uploading Book to Kindle and Create Space
  • Community:  Notices to Colleagues/Friends Family
  • Announcements
  • Tracking Results
  • Contests

Week 13:  Time to Celebrate!…and Continue Marketing

  • Preparation for Launch
  • Price matching
  • Book Reviews
  • Thank yous
  • Interviews
  • One to One Sessions




There are other COOL Bonuses we will surprise you with!

shhhOne....really cool surprise...(shhh)....The first one to finish their book and get it published within 6 months...gets a $500 money back reward!



Can you GUARANTEE my book to become a BEST SELLER?

Please note that we CANNOT guarantee you that your book will be a BEST SELLER!  This is because there are so many variables that largely depend on YOU!  These are some of the keys:

  • The subject or topic of your book
  • The number of competing titles in your category
  • The quality of your writing
  • Implementation of marketing strategies

My book is written already...will this class be right for me?

I say, you can NEVER know too much!  The authors who have joined our class say that they have learned so much.  We cover very important marketing techniques that open the door for success...making all of your writing efforts worth the time!

How long does this course last?

This is a 16 week mastermind course...however, we have a standing invitation for all students to return to subsequent classes.  Many of our students have done this...and have benefited greatly.

What if my book is NOT finished by the end of the Course?

We have have busy lives.  We keep our lines of communication open for you.  With the ability to return to class and continued access to the membership area, you will not be left in the dust.  If you have not taken advantage of all of your one to one sessions, we offer you to schedule any remaining sessions as you are ready.

What if I miss some of the live weekly sessions?

The sessions are all recorded and posted for your review inside the membership area.

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We offer you several payment options: