Week 13: Amazon Set Up

Journey to Authorship Program

Welcome to Week 13!

This week we are covering the steps to setting up your Amazon accounts.

Please Click Here to Watch Our Video on setting up your Amazon accounts.

So here we are!  Your book may not be done yet, but you’ve made some great progress!  We are so delighted and proud.

We do wish that when we began our own journey to authorship, we had known to do all the steps we are sharing with you now.

NOTE:  With all of the accounts mentioned below, you will be using the same username and password for each account.  So if you already have and amazon account, you will be using that same log in for each.

Step One:  

Set up your www.amazon.com account.  Many of you already shop on Amazon and therefore already have Amazon account.  If you do not have an account, then this is your first step.  This is the site that others will log into to purchase your book.

Step Two:  

If your book is ready for pre launch…as in you are pretty close to finishing and know you will have the entire book done within the next 2 months, then now is the time to set up this next page.  Located a https://kdp.amazon.com 

You will first go through a set up process.  This will include entering your name and address, your tax information and determining how you want to be paid.

After the initial set up of this page, you will need the following items:

  • Your front book cover
  • Your first 10% of your book completed, and edited and formatted.
  • Your Book Title
  • Your book description
  • Preliminary research on categories (this will change, but you will need it for submission)
  • Keywords that relate to your book
  • Check that it is for pre launch
  • Determine the date it will be ready for launch

Please note that while Amazon says you have 90 days from pre launch to launch, they have a cut off time of 80 days that all of your final items need to be uploaded.  We suggest 75 days to make sure there is leeway for the inevitable glitches that can occur along the way.

Amazon kdp is the place where you can track sales etc.

Step 3:

Once you have submitted a book for prelauch you will now set up your Amazon Author Page.  https://authorcentral.amazon.com/gp/books  This is where you will add your book.  Once it has been accepted by kdp, you will have an AISN number, which is Amazon’s tracking mechanism.

You will build your author page and will need the following:

  • Bio
  • You can link to your social media, your blog
  • You can add events you are hosting
  • You choose your author id ie:  www.amazon.com/author/BeckyNorwood
  • You can add photos of you, your book, etc.
  • You can add videos
  • You can add your Twitter feed.

We suggest a keyword rich biography about yourself and your book.

Author central also shows some sales information and any reviews you have received.

Step 4:  This next step is setting your amazon associates page.  This is a way that we discovered to create extra streams of revenue.  https://affiliate-program.amazon.com

This will allow you to use your affiliate link to your book instead of the direct link, and earn an extra commission on your book. Also, if someone clicks on the link to your book and goes to amazon, purchases it or not, but also continues shopping and purchasing from that link…you get the benefits.

Additionally, if you find products on Amazon that are fit with your own products, you can easily add them to your website and earn affiliate income.

Remember, it is all about the additional streams of revenue!

Additional discoveries:

For the Look Inside feature on Amazon:  Go here to learn more and apply

For the ability to host give away contests on Amazon:  Go here to learn more

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11B:  Category Selection

We quite simply honor our experts that have led the way in the area of book marketing.

We have attached an instructional piece by Jason P. Jordan on choosing the best categories

How to Pick Your Kindle Categories Correctly

  • Amazon Account
  • Amazon KDP
  • Author Central
  • Amazon Look Inside
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Category Selection/Research