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Start With Your Why! 

"When it comes to writing, marketing, and publishing a book, the first step to take is discovering your purpose for beginning the journey in the first place."   Chandler Bolt

The purpose for your book could be anything from fulfilling a passion project, to growing your business, to becoming an authority figure in your field, to extending your network even further, or even telling a good story.

Our Publishing Packages

Tailored to meet your specific needs, vision, and goals our publishing packages are designed with you in mind.  Since we offer a variety of publishing packages, we offer a FREE Discovery Session to determine what is best suited for you.  Whether a first-time or seasoned author, writing a book to grow your business, a showcase of your expertise, a memoir, children's book, picture book, journal, or workbook we work together to build the long-term big picture and brand.

Our Courses

  1. Our current offering of courses includes:

  2. Storytelling in Marketing

  3. Journey to Authorship

  4. Beyond Authorship

What Others Say


I am absolutely delighted with both the quality of service and the guidance provided me in my first time publishing efforts.  Not only are Becky and Natalie a joy to work with, we serve with excellence.

Dr. William Lane, #1 Bestselling Author Stop Being Invisible - Overcoming Communication Barriers


Spotlight Publishing is a rare find in the industry. Their approach is contemporary and comprehensive. They've created a streamlined process for the ever-changing process of publishing. Spotlight delivers high quality + desired outcomes for authors.

Maggie Mongan, #1 Bestselling Author
Brilliant Breakthroughs for the Small Business Owner


What an amazing team of brilliant people with heart and vision.  This has been an incredible experience for me and I am so proud to say...I am a #1 Bestselling author!

Super wow!

Jenny Harkleroad, Author
Breaking to Be Me - The Secret to Overcoming Chronic Pain


     Peek inside at our Author/Speaker Insiders Buzz Club!

Marketing is an integral part of publishing a book and growing a business.  Below is both training and services we use for ourselves and our authors. 

                                           About Us

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                                    Meet our Authors!

We have had the incredible pleasure of working with a diverse group of authors.  Each with a dream, a passion to bring their gifts and talents to the world. 

We have published Anthology/Compilation books with up to 30 authors each writing about their journey of healing from difficult and trying times.  We've published authors who are showcasing their wisdom and expertise on everything from healing from chronic pain to public speaking with confidence, and overcoming communication barriers, and more.

We have published fun children's books and books that champion such issues as kidney disease and domestic violence.  (click the image below).


 Step Inside and Meet Our Authors!

                                     Meet Our Team

We have developed an amazing team of individuals who are highly skilled in their areas of expertise strongly compliments to our services.

Aside from editors, book cover designers and formatters which are a given for a self-publishing support team, our focus on business building brings talent and skill sets that not only brings you to being a published author, but keeps your book and therefore your business out of the cobwebs of cyberspace.  

From a social media makeover, video marketing, blog tours, mobile apps, audio books, and more, this team brings it all together for satisfying goal and vision accomplishment.   

               Sue Ferreira
           Video Marketing

                  RJ Redden
            Messenger Bots

                 Erin Strayer
              The Connector 

               John Mahoney
                Audio Books 

                 Joseph G
       Professional Photos

          Nancy Lucchesi
             Mobile Apps

              Angie Ayala
       Book Cover Designer

                                         Our Recent Blog Posts

Marketing for Authors

Every author needs a marketing strategy that makes sense and yet does not end up driving them nuts.  Consistency is the key, along with implementing automation.


What is Your Story?

Every human being has a story.  There is not one of us that does not.  Stories have been passed from generation to generation and we connect through the power of story.



Writing a Powerful Bio

Learn key tips to writing a powerful and effective bio that catches attention.  Every author needs a bio.  Here we outline tips to write a powerful bio.


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