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Your Book is YOUR Business!

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You - A Published Author - Building Business

We look forward to partnering with you and are committed to serving with excellence and integrity.  You deserve to reap the monetary rewards of your book(s) and to get your story/message out to the world, as it will positively impact the lives of those who need to read your story and benefit from your expertise.

We have successfully brought over 200 authors to #1 Bestseller.  What makes Spotlight Publishing stand out as different from many publishing companies is that we weave in marketing techniques that keep your book(s) selling long after your bestselling book launch. We teach our authors effective marketing tactics that are simple to implement.   

Some of the marketing is woven directly into the pages of the book itself.  In our exploratory FREE DISCOVERY SESSION we have with each potential client, we uncover the many ways this can be done, creating a big picture outlook on ways to grow a business around the book(s) you write.

Below is a mere synopsis of our book publishing packages.  Bear in mind that we work closely with our authors to custom build a package to suit their goals, dreams and desires.  Often our FREE DISCOVERY SESSION will lead to a world of possibility never considered before.  

Please note: We offer a variety of packages.  We do not quote a price below because we strongly believe that each author is unique and we treat them that way!

                               Spotlight Publishing Packages

2019 Publishers 

Our past year has been monumental as far as helping our authors reach their publishing goals. As a way to show our appreciation to our clients past, present and future, we offer this package.

 Our Ultimate

In this package we bring all the bells and whistles, the drudgery of figuring out the marketing on your own and add in our incredible VIP Coaching to crystalize your big picture goals.

        Bestseller           Launch/Relaunch

You have already published but your book is sitting there doing nothing.  No or low sales, you are disappointed with the end result and are ready to "up your game."

Children's Books

We love children's books and the imagination, education and fun they bring to young readers.


Stories of life-changing experiences that often inspire others to persevere and grow.


Simply love writing imaginative stories? We encourage a series of book building additional streams of revenue.

 Compilation Books

Participating in a compilation or anthology book is a great way to "get your feet wet" in the world of authorship.


Journals and workbooks are often not only a great addition to your already published books, but also an additional stream of revenue.

          VIP DAY

There is nothing that beats a VIP day! Gain clarity on the business building surrounding authorship as well as the blend of writing good content.

Be sure to fill out the questionnaire at time of booking                      so we can serve you with excellence.

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