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In the Beginning...

You are inspired!  You know what you are going to write about, your fingers have been tapping the keyboard at lightning speed, or pen in hand with your handy notepad, your story has come to life! You have visions of...the world LOVING your book!  You simply know this is going to be a hit! Hold it right there fine friend, fellow author to be, disenchanted author! 

We do NOT want to burst your bubble!

Let's get started out on the right foot...


Step 1:

Build Your Author Brand

It may seem like a strange thing, to think of branding yourself as an author.  But pause for a moment and think of all the things consumed on a daily basis.  Without much thought, you immediately know common brands at a mere glance.  Maybe you picked up a cup of your favorite beverage at Starbucks, put on your favorite pair of Nike shoes when you worked out...the list goes on.  But why brand yourself as an author?

All authors have a brand and that brand is often what is reflected on the cover of your book.  Brands are judged by the media, by booksellers, and by the readers themselves.  It is wise to position yourself across all platforms including social media, your website, bookmarks, postcards, etc.  Anything you are going to use for marketing material.   A brand may be specific colors, your logo, your name, or a specific font you have chosen.  Your brand may be a slogan or tagline you use to represent the message of your book. Think in terms of how you want your readers to see you.  What will they be turning to you for?
Think about these things:

  • What are your values?
  • What five words or phrases do you want your readers to associate with you?
  • How would that work in your social media, images, blog posts, website, emails, business cards and other messaging?

Remember it is not just what you say and how you say it.  It will also be important to present yourself in line with what your core values are.  Now that you are in the spotlight as an author, and you are growing a business around this cornerstone, each piece of this should be congruent with your the brand (YOU) you are building. To illustrate:  If you are writing a cookbook on healthy eating, what is the image you want to stay on a readers mind?  Are you dressed in an apron and have tasty foods you want to showcase? Are you a fitness coach?  Your amazing body and the types of exercise and diet you promote must stay in the forefront. Certainly, if you are writing children's books, the look and feel would be entirely different than if you were teaching kids effective communication skills. The content, including images you put on in your blog, social media, and marketing materials will tie in with your colors, fonts, and graphics for a united, recognizable, memorable theme. How do you want to be seen as an author?  Be Creative.  Be Congruent.  Be Memorable Stay tuned for Part 3 in our series as we share guidelines for writing your book description and author bio.