are you considering
                                                                     becoming an Author?

The BIG  Question:  To Be or Not To Be?

If you are here, very likely you are either an author already, or considering becoming one.  You've toyed with the idea, mulled it over.  

You've heard of the greatest wave sweeping the world.  There's upwards of 4,000 books being published daily!  How can that be?  It's called....   


 and it has changed the world!

Having worked with authors for some time now, my team and I know that self-publishing can be a confusing world. We've watched books get published that are a complete disgrace due to poor editing, formatting and unattractive covers. We've seen books get published that were phenomenal in every way...except one. There was no marketing set in place.  Many even became #1 bestselling authors, but that became, for the most part, simply a "flash in the pan."  Our team calls it...

                                 Gathering Cobwebs in Cyberspace

"There are only two ways to influence human behavior: you can manipulate it or you can inspire it."   Simon Sinek

 If you have not yet seen Simon Sinek's video called "Start With Why," we encourage you to stop and view it as it will influence the conversation we continue to have on this page. 

The 6 Big Why's

There are many reasons one becomes an author.  We've distilled down into five main reasons and will name them here, then discuss them:

(Please note:  There is NO order of importance.)

  •   Build Authority as the Expert in Your Field
  •   Grow or Start a Business
  •   Grow Your Network 
  •   Reinventing Yourself
  •   Fulfill a Passion
  •   Share a Story

Build Authority ~ Growing or Starting a Business ~
Expanding Your Network/Net Worth

Whether you are established in business, starting a business or in some phase of reinventing yourself, you will to set yourself apart as a "go-to-expert in your area of expertise.  You want the credibility.  Truly having NO reputation whatsoever can be about as difficult on you as having a bad reputation.  Without proof, where are you?  Your words go nowhere.

Your book can change that.  You won't be handing people a business card, (that they will promptly lose, shuffle around and eventually toss).  You will be handing them a copy of your book.  That book will serve you in amazing ways. They will see it on their desk, then on the bookshelf, and they will think of YOU!  It will serve as reminder.  

Simply saying you are an author, conjures up respect in the minds of many.

“With your published book in 2019, you can access almost the entire human race, connect with your perfect audience, share your message, sell more products, create buzz, and have real authority and credibility in any market.”

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Share a Story

You are not a victim for sharing your story.  You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, your raging courage.

Alex Elle -

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The picture alone, without the written word, leaves half of the story untold.

James Lafferty


If we can share with someone who responds with empathy, and understanding, shame cannot survive.

Brené Brown

Fulfilling a Passion

Passion projects are written for selfless purposes. You want to share your knowledge, experience and research on an issue so as to enlighten others about a cause or topic.  

Often this can be a wonderful tool to raise money for a charity.

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The Bottom Line

Develop an Author's Mindset 

No matter what type of book you are writing, it is imperative that you become an


Treat Your Book Like It's YOUR Business!

What to do next...

To stand out and get the attention you deserve and need for success, YOUR BOOK is the single most powerful tool to gain a competitive edge, stand out, promote your business and gain real authority and credibility in ANY market.

When you're ready to write, publish and market your book, our team is here to support you through the entire author journey.

We offer the following:

Done For You Publishing - Our signature one on one private publishing/marketing service and the primary way we publish, distribute and market books for our authors. If you're interested in publishing with Spotlight Publishing, schedule a FREE one hour Discovery consultation with us today!  

The VIP Day - One of the biggest issues authors have is seeing the big picture so that they can write with authority, creating content that will bring clients while using their book as a tool to grow their business. We personally spend a whole day + with you to design a transformational framework that becomes the blueprint for your book.

Ghostwriting - Sometimes we have the big picture and the great ideas but not the words. Working alongside a ghostwriter will help to to easily create amazing content and a finished book.

#1 Bestseller Campaign - There is a big difference between being an Author and being a #1 Best Selling Author. We get contacted by Authors who have actually published their book but have never achieved best-seller status or their launch campaign was unsuccessful. Spotlight Publishing will relaunch your book using a solid marketing campaign. We handle the entire campaign from start to finish and ensure you achieve #1 Bestseller on Amazon!

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