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Faith Like Wifi

So here I am...the owner of Spotlight On Your Business.  I was on quite a roll...on a good schedule for blogging, social media, updating my website, networking, taking care of my clients and students...when WHAM!!!  I got thrown way off track.  Why?

Taking care of my four year old grandson two days a week instead of one.  A death in the family (unfortunately suicide), advancing Alzheimer's and it's related issues for my in laws, my husband suffering from debilitating pain from a back injury...and me?...just plain exhausted!

Several months later, I feel myself ready to tend to business once again...maybe now even a bit smarter than before.

Now I look and I've not blogged in several months.  I have made brief social media comments, but nothing consistent, nothing really resembling what my goals, dreams and aspirations have been as I grow my business.  Marketing?  Out the window!  The worrisome part is that I KNOW that a successful business is 80% marketing and 20% the other things we we need to do in our business.

What do you do when life throws you the curve balls?  What happens when your best laid plans get derailed?  What happens when stuff happens and you simply need to take care of what is most important in your life?

It is called lifestyle.  While we all want different things in our life, and we all have differing sets of circumstances, we all want a business that will fit the lifestyle that makes us sing in our souls.

So how do we do that?  It takes time, persistence, vision and a healthy dose of belief to find the balance.

Let's face it...we have choices.  We can get discouraged and the power of belief and faith, can’t be understated.

This quote, "Believe You Can, and You are Halfway There" is an excellent way to sum up just what a difference it can make.

The problem with tough times is that they take a big blow to our belief levels. As I look at what has transpired over the past several months, I see I do have choices....and I am not one to give up.

I have discovered that once belief in what we are doing to grow our business takes a hit from "life getting in the way," it’s hard for anything you try to go right.

The starting point to making the shift is to do something that sparks you.  For me, it was traveling to attend a training event.  Not only did I get a spark from the reminder of what I already know, but more importantly, I got to rub shoulders with others who over the years have become friends and mentors.  I discovered that I had to start by getting my belief level back up, renew my confidence and bask in the success and joy of others success.

The first step to getting recharged and ready to go again is finding what will spark that go button and then you are off and running.

Believe that you can’t and you’ll never make it, so start with step one so that you can take a sort of shortcut to where you want to go. Believe you can!

For me, this means finding ways to scale my efforts until I get these things all sorted out.  And that is just what I will do...because I love what I do!

Embarrassed that I dropped the ball?  Nope!  No time for that!  But I have learned that I need to narrow my focus and will be sharing those changes as I move along.

What is your challenge?

How can I best serve you?