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Why Bother with a Blog?

You hear it from all sides: You need a blog. But why? You’re not going to make any money off of it and it’s not an effective sales tool. Advertising, promos for products and services and high-end sales tools—that’s where the money’s at.

But you’re wrong. Sure, advertising and sales tools can—and will—bring in a return on your investment, but not for someone who’s looking to build a following that will stick around.

You want (need!) to generate some sales, and quick-fix online advertising is a great way to do that. But we live in an information-hungry society and to attract recurring customers, you need to stay top-of-mind. People want information, they want to learn, and they want to buy from someone who is an expert in their field.

An expert isn’t the person with the slickest advertising or the most expensive sales tools. An expert is someone who delivers value to an audience—whether they buy from that expert or not. And one of the best ways to do that is through a blog.

Provides Value

People are hungry for information and they research like never before prior to making a buying decision. With the power of the Internet today, information is just a mouse-click away. Why would you want prospects to find information about the services you provide on your competition’s website? Provide the value yourself with regularly-delivered, quality blogs. Then promote it like crazy on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and emails. Whether you write the content yourself or contract it out to a pro, content that delivers information that your customers need is vital.

Better ROI

Sure, a blog takes time to write or money to pay someone to write it for you. But once your posts are written, they’re a marketing tool that last as long as you have your business. It lives on your website, where you can share it with your audience on social media, in email marketing campaigns and in networking groups. You can repurpose your content for new blogs and even share it with prospective clients (you know, when they ask you the same question 10 other people asked you this month).

Are you going to make money directly from your blog? Probably not. But your readers will convert to paying customers eventually. You just have to give it time.

You Become the Industry Expert

You blog when you have something to say. And when you have enough quality blogs about your industry, people start to listen. They know where to go to find out how to find the right tires for their car, bake the perfect gluten-free bread, clean their tub without chemicals, talk to their teenager about drugs, choose the right gift for their mother-in-law, which documents they need for their estate…You get the picture.

When you provide valuable content in your blog, people start to see you as an expert in your field. And they listen. When they need your expertise, they will remember you and find you.

If you’re not already blogging, why not? Find more reasons why a blog is one of those non-negotiable business tools today. And if you’re stuck on how to start your own blog, stop procrastinating. It’s not as difficult as it seems. Schedule a consult with me and we’ll get you started!

This article was written by our Guest Blog Contributor Abby M. Herman of Write Solutions

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Abby has a great course that we are affiliates sure to check it out if you are wondering exactly what you should blog about and why!

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